Monday, 18 July 2011

Japan PM Calls for nuclear-free future

The Unpopular PM Naoto Kan has put forward the idea recently that Japan should move towards a Nuclear free future. There is still some debate as to what this means. But potentially could be a step in the right direction towards a cleaner future for one of the worlds most developed countries. 

The question is. Can the UK, currently locked into a Carbon dependent energy system make similar changes?
What would these changes mean for the UK?
Are they logistically possible?

The problem faced by the UK government at the moment is how to convince the major energy companies to invest almost £110 billion pounds into reforming our energy plans over the next decade. No small task I'm sure you'll agree. The reasons are twofold. Not only will it dramatically help to reduce the UK's carbon footprint. But it could also help keep energy prices at a reasonable enough level so as not to start a customer revolt. The privatisation dream of the 80's set up by Margaret Thatchers government worked for a while. The concept being that strong competition between companies would keep the prices down. However these companies have fallen to the slave driver that is un-sustainable resource. 

For the future of the UK's energy to be secure. Investment is needed in a myriad of energy solutions. The stereotypical ones include Wind, Solar, Tidal etc. And these solutions are quite easily implemented both inland and offshore for relatively little cost with maximum gain. However advanced the technology is though, it would not be enough to supply power to a present version of the UK as it stands now. Innovation and imagination is required in all sectors to not only create renewable cheap clean energy. But also to conserve and make the most of the energy available to us when it arrives. A 'Smart Grid' 

(More about smart grid thinking and technology can be found here.)

At the end of the day however. No matter what the government does. It is up to us to make this happen. Every single person is responsible for the energy they use. And we all know of moments when we could have been more careful. But in a more positive light. It is up to us now to make the UK a leader in the technologies, services, designs and plans that will make the future a safe and rewarding place to be. Lets challenge ourselves to lead the way. Britain was once a cultural hub of innovation in science, art, music, and technology. We have all heard of the industrial revolution. Well we can be that again. Welcome one and all to the green revolution. 

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